Distriubuted Document and process management

DMS / BPM / ECM between organizations

Business automation between organisations

Maximum security on data exchange

Next step for your ECM system

By establishing an enterprise content management systems (DMS, ECM) companies improve their business operations. Employee's time is saved through faster and easier access to information. Information flow through the company is automated and standardized, which leads to faster implementation business processes while reducing problems associated with standardization. System within the company supports e-business in all areas of business. The boundaries of such operations are limited to electronic systems within the organization

Distributed Enterprise content management enables the extension of the functionality of a particular ECM(DMS) of the organization to a wider connection with the ECM systems partner and client companies. Sciomagis offers an innovative solution that allows you to collaborate on business documents with multiple companies with respect to all business and technical characteristics of each user. Each company is working on documents through their existing ECM system, and our tools ensure that all changes and actions are automatically mapped to the other companies.