Sky Flow Online

Start your digitalization now

A modern DMS / BPM system interface, which is also simple enough for a fast adjustment and easy use.

Modification of administration and authorization and all relevent data on-the-fly.

Create new processes though a simple user interface and use immediatly.

Sky.Flow online platform makes it easy to start digitalization process of your organization.
Use built-in capabilities to create digital archives or your existing and ever growing documentation. Organize it, set authorizations and use in your everyday environment. Use easy manageable process engine to streamline your processes between employees, departments and companies. Sky.Flow comes with existing world recognized applications for accounts payables, ordering, contract management and other solutions that will help you to grow your business while reducing costs.

Sky.Flow online is a cloud based service enabling you to manage costs: pay what you use. Make your use bigger when you grow and reduce it when needed. Online installation is Amazon AWS based removing all IT and administrative tasks from you so you can focus on your business.

If you need application suited to your needs Sky.Flow Online is ready to help you. We have created platform that makes changes to existing processes and creation of new ones easy. Custom solutions can also be made using the existing functionalities of the platform.

Ask for a free trial and start your digitalization immediatly.
If you are a community organization, Sciomagis as a continues supporter of community actions, offers a free usage of Sky.Flow Online platfom.

Go to Sky.Flow online dedicated site and learn more. Link

Solution Sky Flow

Create workflows on-the-fly using simple and modern web interface without writing a single line of code. Sky.Flow enables you to create workflows, data, forms and all other related properties of your business proccesses and run them immediatly using a simple and modern web interface.

Use simple web interface to streamline workflow creation and rollout project immediatly. User friendly web interface enables you to drag activities om process panel, link them with transitions on modifiy all relevant process data.

Define data properties that you want to use in your workflow.

Create forms for user activities by selection data properties of the workflow.

Sky Flow

  • Full functionality of Sky.Flow platform
  • Pay as you go
  • No administration or IT costs
  • Online workflow creation
  • Document generation
  • Reporting
  • Notifications
  • Simple and modern interface

Create documents from scratch or from templates with auto-filling workflow data properties.

Notify users on incoming activities, overdue tasks and on process progress using built-in or custom made e-mail templates.

Create digital archives from process documents using user defined archiving rules. Create repository maps and organizations by using workflow properties and process data.

Administer all aspects of document and process management system. Add permissions to users. Organize users to groups. Dynamically add or revoke permissions based on workflow settings. Use roles in you process to create dynamic processes that are modified for each process instance.


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